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Whenever I bring up journaling to my clients I am often confronted with, “I really don’t know what to journal about.” People are often at a loss for what to write about and fear that somehow they won’t do it correctly. This series of articles on journaling will take the mystery out of it, convey the multitude of benefits to be reaped, and give you a wide variety of prompts and ideas that will get you motivated to keep and maintain journal for as long as you desire.

Great Minds Value the Benefits of Journaling

It may seem cliche to journal, maybe even juvenile. The idea of journaling often brings back memories of teenage diaries complete with lock and key. Memories that may be positive or negative. However, great minds have used journaling religiously to benefit themselves. People like Albert Einstein, Madame Curie, Marcus Aurelius, Mark Twain, and Leonardo Da Vinci all used dairies to track their ideas, experiences and more.

Journaling Has Many Benefits

In this series of posts, I’ll be addressing why YOU should  consider journaling, how it will benefit you and how to go about it most effectively. I mean that’s the point, right? Our time is limited. Part of living a happy, satisfying life is figuring out what is worth our valuable time.

From personal and professional experience, journaling is one of the most powerful, yet underutilized therapeutic tool. Here are just a few of the many ways developing a habit of regular writing can help:

  • Understanding yourself
  • Personal development
  • Identifying Dreams
  • Gaining clarity
  • Managing and overcoming depression and anxiety
  • Achieving success
  • Developing a sense of purpose
  • Increasing creativity and ingenuity
  • Gaining perspective
  • Improving relationships
  • Getting and staying organized
  • Accomplishing more of what matters
The Research Supports Journaling

Its not just my opinion, there is a growing body of research that shows statistically significant and positive outcomes for people who take the time to write. One of the most important principles I stress with all my clients is that therapy is not a one size fits all and does not stand alone. Let me explain.

Research like that found in the best selling book on trauma research and treatment, The Body Keeps the Score, provides evidence that writing, as well as many different kinds of alternative therapies, can help people overcome their difficulties. Difficulties like:

  • Depression
  • Low self worth
  • Anxiety
  • Life transitions
  • Trauma
  • Stress
Healthy Habits are the Key to Success

Journaling is but one, very powerful tool that can aid you in achieving the happiness and success that you desire. Participating in therapy once a week at best, is normally not enough for people to reach and maintain their goals. Mental and emotional health is no different than physical health, it requires a lifestyle of healthy habits to reach and maintain.

Go to my Facebook page and give it a thumbs up to keep up with this series of Taking the Mystery out of Journaling. Future posts will address a variety of ways and means you can add journaling to your life with great success. We will address topics like journaling prompts, journaling ideas, how to journal, the benefits of journaling, how to get the most out of your journaling and more.

My role as a therapist is to help empower you and support you to make the most of your life and investment. Call me if you want to talk more about how I can help. 850-601-1117.

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